Edited Wakfu Subs

Thanks to everyone from the Wakfu community for working together to translate Wakfu! These subs are heavily edited by me to improve upon consistency, grammar, and what-have-you. These are subtitle files only. You should go buy the official DVDs.

.zip of everything.
Individual Links:
Episode 01: [MF]
Episode 02: [MF]
Episode 03: [MF]
Episode 04: [MF]
Episode 05: [MF]
Episode 06: [MF]
Episode 07: [MF]
Episode 08: [MF]
Episode 09: [MF]
Episode 10: [MF]
Episode 11: [MF]
Episode 12: [MF]
Episode 13: [MF]
Episode 14: [MF]
Episode 15: [MF]
Episode 16: [MF] [FONT]
Episode 17: [MF]
Episode 18: [MF]
Episode 19: [MF]
Episode 20: [MF]
Episode 21: [MF]
Episode 22: [MF] (In .zip file because Ankama suspended the sub file.)
Episode 23: [MF] [FONT]
Episode 24: [MF]
Episode 25: [MF]
Episode 26: [MF]

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