Sep 18, 2011

Font for Episodes 16 and 23.

If for whatever reason the chanting sequences give you some seemingly unfitting dialogue, oops! The cat's out of the bag. Since you can't understand the Draconic dialogue, I decided to have fun with the words and disguised them in a magical, unreadable font so it wouldn't seem out of place.

If you don't like it, mux this in with episodes 16 and 23 to fix the problem.

Sep 10, 2011

On the Next Episode of SSSVS...

So now that the Wakfu subs are pretty much done—barring any small fixes or changes that people want to see—I find myself wondering what to do with this blog to keep it interesting.

If you're still looking for Wakfu related things here, let me tell you what else to expect from checking up on this blog:

Sep 5, 2011

C'est Fini! All of the subs are finished.

Grab all of the subs here, and read the instructions if you want to merge them with the episodes!
1) 75% of the script is re-worded in some way to eliminate awkward dialogue.
2) More consistency between episodes.
3) Better timing in some areas.
4) Less typos.
5) Clean and easy-to-read font.
6) Clean and simple OP Karaoke

Sep 1, 2011

Getting close!

 For the subs to display properly, download this .zip containing the font and muxing instructions.
Episode 23: The Quest for the Dofus
Download the subs: [MF]
So I uploaded a completely new set of subtitles today. These changes include:
1) All the errors people have pointed out so far.
2) Karaoke in all the episodes.
3) Proper fansub credits, now at the end during the episode's credits.

Only two episodes left. With the above changes having been made, a proper, (final-ish) set of subtitles is coming near!

Original credits for episode 23: RAW/Revision: Kennymc, OP/ED/TS: Caedo, Transcription/Translation: Frenchie /co/ Anon