Aug 5, 2011

 For the subs to display properly, download this .zip containing the font and muxing instructions.
Episode 21: Igole
Download the subs: [MF]

Because things like, "We've no chance if it's not too hot to stop it." are much better as, "We'll never make it if the heat doesn't stop him!" as well as, "Go and don't stop Yugo don't waste time looking for shade." which is now, "Go, Yugo! Don't waste time looking for shade!"

That's all I saved for reference. There were worse offenders earlier on as well as what is now an improved Yoda reference. Of course, we should be happy to have subs in the first place. I'm very thankful for that! I'm just here to improve them a little for future viewers.
My excuse for taking so long again: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is too fun. I started playing Shadow of Chernobyl and now I'm on Call of Pripyat. There's just so many wonderful stories I could share about my experiences in the Zone...

So, since episode 25 was edited a while ago, I have... 5 episodes left to edit. Almost there, folks!

Original credits for episode 21: OP/ED/Ti/TS : Caedo Transcription/Translation : lordkelson1.

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