Sep 10, 2011

On the Next Episode of SSSVS...

So now that the Wakfu subs are pretty much done—barring any small fixes or changes that people want to see—I find myself wondering what to do with this blog to keep it interesting.

If you're still looking for Wakfu related things here, let me tell you what else to expect from checking up on this blog:

  1. More stuff in the Folder Icon P/a/ck at some point.
  2. Some special pages I'll use to show my personal opinions on things. Like reviews of shows I've watched recently and top 10 lists.
  3. Posts full of words.
  4. More personal projects, such as editing subtitles for whatever deserves some touching up. Whether I start something new anytime soon, I don't know.
As nice as it would be to give this blog a really nice, steady theme, it's still in the stages of being a place to share my thoughts and put everything I do in one place. We'll see where it goes from here.


  1. Just do what I did with mine and post whatever you feel like posting on it. It's a good way of having a place to vent with a certain level of anonymity and away of prying family-member-eyes (letting you have almost free rein in what you're free to say in and do with it).

  2. @Sh1k1
    That definitely sounds like the most fun option. I'll probably do that... I can always explore what my options are for separate pages to see if I can separate my ramblings from important posts. (Such as one page that links to all the important blog posts.)

  3. Will the season 2 subs get rechecked?

  4. @Anonymous
    So far, the subtitles for season 2 are nowhere near as messy as the first season's subs. A revision may make them look prettier, but as far as editing goes I can only recall a few instances that really stood out.

    Once the season is over, it all depends on whether or not the quality had begun to drop at some point. If my editing would help more than just a couple of wonky episodes, then I'd probably go through all of them.

    Time will tell, I suppose.

    Thanks for asking.