Oct 30, 2011


So my plan—the grand plan—is to try and write a couple of reviews (most likely of anime) to start giving this blog a more interesting aspect besides rotting in-between silly projects. Currently, I'm slowly slogging through a couple of other shows right now, so as soon as I finish I'll start watching and reviewing the stuff we don't see everyday.

Grenadier seems like an interesting place to start. I'll check it out this November and start taking notes as I watch it. Then I'll write up a fun, well packed, nicely sorted, and easy-to-read review telling you all about how horrible, uninteresting, good, or amazing it was.

In other news, I'm currently taking an upgrading program through my local college to help me graduate sooner. It's eating up most of my time, but my evenings are usually free for entertainment purposes.

That's all I have to say about myself and my plans for now. We'll see how things take off soon.

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