May 26, 2011

The name's Monde. Smisse Monde.

 For the subs to display properly, download this .zip containing the font and muxing instructions.
Episode 14: Moon Island
Download the subs: [MF]

Episode 15: Adamai
Download the subs: [MF]

Episode 16:  The Eliacube
Download the subs: [MF]

Episode 17:  The Eternal Grougaloragran
Download the subs: [MF]

Episode 18: The Brotherhood of Tofu 
Download the subs: [MF]

Starting in episode 16, I've used the karaoke present in the current subs and refined it a bit to suit my tastes (more pleasant styling). Once everything's done, the karaoke will be added to all previous episodes in the final release. So don't mind the sudden addition, please. It'll all be consistent afterwards.

Original subtitles by: Zograf (14, 15) [EF] (15) Lordkelson1 (15, 18) FPSW Radiant Destiny (15) Paranoia (15) Ben (15) Caedo (15, 16, 17, 18) Deafdefiler (17)  

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