May 2, 2011

What I plan to do with this page.

Alright, so I have some future goals set out for this fancy little spot. Why can't I press the Enter Key here? Start a new line, gosh darn it.

Oh, there we go.

The first, most likely thing that is going to happen here on this very blog is this:
  • Edit the subtitles created by the various people over at /co/ for the French Animation, Wakfu, to suit my personal tastes.
This means doing the following:
  • Correct as many grammatical errors as possible that are present throughout the translation.
  • Fix anything that seems out of place by pulling a woolseyism. Any changes made will only be for the sake of enjoyment in very specific situations that require it. I won't muck around with the serious scenes or stuff that makes sense.
  • Fix badly timed lines.
  • Possibly re-style the subtitles a little bit.
  • Shift all the subtitles upwards for ease of viewing.
  • Uploading and hosting the .ass files to Mediafire or something. I will not upload the episodes themselves, only the subtitles. You will have to mux them yourself if you do not want them hanging outside your .mkv files or .avi files or whatever. (Shame on you if you keep those .avi files!)

Now I'm editing the episodes with the most problems as I go along. In the end, I might not fully edit every single one if the majority of them are passable. We'll see whether or not boredom strikes me by then.

For now, take a look at the image at the very top of this post. I took a snapshot of the edited subtitles from Episode 4 during a completely random moment. I think it fits this post perfectly.

Okay, now that the Wakfu stuff is out of the way, let me talk about the next thing I have in mind.

What I plan to do next is sort out and host my collection of folder icons here.

I like having the folder that contains all my Anime look fancy. Also, that other folder that contains Wakfu and other stuff from different places of the world.

I posted a .7zip of my collection in a thread someplace else, but it was a horrible mess and did not contain a whole lot (I currently only have 150 icons made for specific Anime series.)

That will be all.

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