Aug 28, 2011

Believe in the Iop that believes in you!

 For the subs to display properly, download this .zip containing the font and muxing instructions.
Episode 22: Rubliax 
Download the subs: [MF] (In .zip file because Ankama suspended the sub file.)
This is such a great episode...

The subtitles aren't revised too much, but there were still plenty of errors and awkward lines to fix. Three more episodes to go! Hopefully I'll buckle down and get them done before I head to college.

If you notice any errors in these subtitles or subs from past episodes (which there are probably plenty of, still), don't be afraid to tell me what I've done wrong in the comments.

Original credits for episode 22: OP/ED/Ti/TS : Caedo Transcription/Translation :lordkelson1 + Frenchie /co/ Anon TI: Sorc

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