Sep 1, 2011

Getting close!

 For the subs to display properly, download this .zip containing the font and muxing instructions.
Episode 23: The Quest for the Dofus
Download the subs: [MF]
So I uploaded a completely new set of subtitles today. These changes include:
1) All the errors people have pointed out so far.
2) Karaoke in all the episodes.
3) Proper fansub credits, now at the end during the episode's credits.

Only two episodes left. With the above changes having been made, a proper, (final-ish) set of subtitles is coming near!

Original credits for episode 23: RAW/Revision: Kennymc, OP/ED/TS: Caedo, Transcription/Translation: Frenchie /co/ Anon

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